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My 92-year-old mother has dementia and had fallen trying to get out of the front door at 2am in the morning. I took her to emergency, and we discovered that she had fractured her knee. Pomona Valley emergency is where we met Dr. Daliva. He is a kind compassionate person and a good doctor. He made my mother feel comfortable and told me that he will take care of my mom and for me not to worry. He surely took good care of her. He went so far as to suggest a nursing care for my mom to go to after her hospital stay. The transition to the nursing facility was seamless. During my mom’s stay, Dr. Daliva checked in on her and provided great care. He always explained everything to me thoroughly. My mother is now in a memory facility and under care of the facility doctor. I thank Dr. Daliva so much for his care he had given my mom at such a stressful time. I would recommend Dr. Daliva to any family who wants a family member to be cared for with compassion.

Before he became my doctor, I was sent from one doctor to another because of my rather complicated case. I spent so much time in offices with physicians who looked at me as if I was a pain, someone they did not want to treat. They made me feel as if no one knew or care about any of my complaints or concerns. Dr Daliva is a compassionate man, a compassionate doctor who is willing to spend time trying to help me when so many physicians gave up on me.

Dr. Daliva with his expertise and compassion provided our mom and our family the best care and resources during a very difficult time. As our mom’s health was rapidly declining, we were helpless and scared. With Dr. Daliva’s help and guidance, we were able to set up hospice and make our mom comfortable before she passed at home with loved ones. We are very fortunate and blessed to have met Dr. Daliva. He provides both patient- and family-centered care. Thank you Dr. Daliva.” - Hahn Family

You continue to care so much for Gary. When he is in the hospital, you want to know everything that is happening with him. If he ever has a medical question, you want to hear from him. when you respond immediately, he lights up knowing you are not just an ordinary doctor. you are the best. you care.

Susan and I were both so lucky to have you as her physician. All I know is that I will be forever grateful to you. I hope you do not think to yourself that in treating Susan you are just doing your job. you have done so much more than that. You have treated Susan as if she were a family member of yours and that has made all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much, Dr. John Daliva for your love and care you have given our father during his final days. Your utmost respect for his wishes during this transition. Making it all possible to have the best hospice care, VNA and being the only physician I know who does home visit. You were there for us 24/7, and even after his demise, you and your staff are still in contact with us, reassuring us and making sure we’re ok. You are truly a blessing to us and to the people you will encounter.


You’re the epitome of dutiful, caring, sensitive healer.

- Ricafort Family

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