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What is secondary care?

Secondary care is a premium, unique, private concierge care not covered by insurance. A secondary care doctor will care for the patient's needs in a facility or home setting. A secondary care doctor will not replace the primary care but rather work together as a team so the primary care doctor can receive updates on the care done in the facility.

What is the current standard of care?

What is the standard of Care?

  • You or your loved one is admitted to the hospital and is seen by a doctor there

  • Once discharged to either home, skilled nursing facility, or other facilities, there may be a different doctor there that may visit once a month; this doctor will prescribe and direct care to the nursing team as needed

  • There is no communication required about care or plans from the doctor to the patient or their family, most if not all, communication will be from the nursing staff at the facility

  • no communication is required from the facility doctor to the primary care doctor

  • If returning to the hospital, it will be all completely different doctors

  • difficult to navigate, unorganized, and overall frustrating

What is different about Align Medicine's care?

We provide all of the above standard of care


Medical Concierge Service

A direct line of communication via phone and text with dedicated personnel that will address any concerns and direct them to the appropriate team member.

Medical Coordinator Service

Dedicated personnel to help arrange appointments for specialist care and primary care while the patient is at a skilled nursing home or other facilities.

Direct Doctor Care
  • One-on-one conversation with the doctor

  • Continuity of care by the same doctor from the hospital, to different types of facilities, to home with home health

  • Concerns with the facility addressed within 24 hours

  • Care is provided only by a board-certified internal medicine doctor, no physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

Medical Second opinion

Our doctor can provide a medical second opinion via phone, email, or text.
Specialist consultations

Our doctor works with other specialists in the community to ensure that the proper care is done.
Nursing Care

A separate nursing visit assesses further needs.

What's the process?

We don't want to waste your money or your time! Because of how specific this service is, we want to ensure that we are a good fit. Therefore the following steps are in place to ensure our compatibility and future care:

Discovery Meeting

Phone or video call with the doctor to discuss needs and concerns.


Portal set-up with Athena Health, medical record system

Team Discussion

The decision to move forward will be determined by my team to ensure that we can meet your expectations


The medical coordinator will get a list of Primary Care specialists and schedule appointments for the upcoming year

The concierge coordinator will call, text, or email you once a week to ask about any questions or concerns you may have

A phone call from Align medicine's doctor once a month

Solution Session

A second and final meeting where we discuss the specific care plan for your loved one, move forward with signing agreements and will take the initial payment

Payment and Donation

Fees are due beginning of the month. Okay, to cancel at any time!

We know family is essential, and our pets are family too. A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to the Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles to help abandoned pugs find their forever families

Two older people sitting


"I am a physician and have been in practice for 22 years. I have experienced disjointed healthcare systems from the perspective of patients and their families. My father passed away from dementia, and my mother-in-law lived with my family after she suffered a stroke and became paralyzed. Unfortunately, now my mother has advanced dementia and bipolar disorder, and her health is declining rapidly. I feel lucky to have met Dr. John Daliva and his team while hospitalized at Pomona Valley Medical Center. Dr. Daliva called me several times to update me on her condition and treatment plan. I was pleasantly surprised when he and his team continued to check in on my mother after she returned to her assisted living facility. He continued signing orders to arrange home health services and physical therapy. Several weeks later, when my mother was admitted to a different hospital with another health issue, I emailed him and his team for advice. Dr. Daliva responded promptly. He is now taking care of my mother at a memory care facility. It is rare to find a physician who takes care of patients in the hospital setting and shows a genuine interest in their overall well-being. I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Daliva and am grateful to him and his team for their assistance during a difficult time for my mother and her family."

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